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Diet-Fitness is an organization run by internationally reputed dietitian Dt Swapan Banerjee for all kind of diet cum nutrition consultations & other fitness tips to any patient or person suffering from lifestyles diseases or other health issues. Dt Banerjee who is working day in day out not only for his personal interest or organizational profit but for community work. A team of highly skilled dieticians headed by Dt.Banerjee is fully dedicated to all types of scientific & research works apart from individual diet consultations in various clinics located at Kolkata, Ranchi, Mumbai & other cities. Anyone who seeks diet consultation or customized diet plan including exercises or other fitness plans can contact without hesitation physically at the clinics or online to get any time support with a very affordable fee. Dt Banerjee & the entire team are ready to help all of you.We are also interested in joining in talk shows, public speaking & all kind of social & philanthropic cum charitable activities anywhere in India.

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Some Useful Reviews


Age – 22 , Kolkata

I am doing my abs in Gym. Now gaining really !!

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Rajendra Agrwal

Age – 55, Rajasthan

I am diabetic , obessed, I am now under control.

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Age – 24 – Kolkata

I was actually underweight but now gaining weight.

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Somenath Roy Chowdhury

Age -48 -Dubai

 I am under online consultation from Dubai

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Age -28 – Kolkata

I am from IT sector but very much underweight, now gaining fat 

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Youtube link

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