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Dietitian Swapan Banerjee is a dietitian cum nutritionist with national & international repute having best education to prescribe diet & all kind of nutritional advice for any disease or disorder like obesity, overweight, pediatric to geriatric problems.


Here is the profile of Dt. Swapan Banerjee (Dietitian)

Education :

*Post Graduation in Marketing Management.(MMM) from  Alagappa University (NAAC-A Grade) .( specialization - Food Marketing)

*Post Graduation in Dietetics & Food Service Management (M.Sc) from Indira Gandhi University.

*Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetic Education by     International Diabetic Federation.

*Bachelor of Science (BioScience) from Calcutta   University

*Certificate in Human Unity from Ramakrishna Mission Institute –Kolkata supported by UNESCO. 

*Certified by World Obesity Federation –SCOPE-UK.

*Diploma In Management from NILEM- Chennai.

*QMS - Lead Auditor Training Course conducted by SGS (5 Days Full Time ) certified by IRCA –UK.

*DAMS (Ayurveda) by National Development Agency. India (Reg. No.-917138-Ayush) 

*Qualified by (ACE) DGET - Govt. of India.

 *Research Scholar in SSU in Nutrition. 



Other National/International /Online Certifications : 


  1. Certificate in “Clinical Skills Assessment” by Royal College of General Practitioners. 
  2. Certificate in “Food Safety” by Victoria Government (Dept. of Health) Australia.
  3. Certificate in “Good Clinical Practice” by London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
  4. Certificate in “Understanding Common Disease” by the University of Wollongong. Australia.
  5. Certificate in Nutrition by The Health Science Academy U.K.  
  6. Certificate in Health and Wellness – by Arizona State University
  7. Education activity endorsed by Abbott Nutrition Health Institute on “Basic Newborn Nutritional Needs” by H.Q –Columbus-Ohio. 
  8. Statement of Accomplishment “Essential of Non-Profit Strategy” by Berkeley Haas- University of California. (Non-profitable).
  9. Certificate in Food & Nutrition by IGNOU –New Delhi
  10. Certificate in HIV & Family Education by IGNOU – New Delhi.
  11. Global Health Case Studies From a Biosocial Perspective course by Harvard X, an online learning initiative of Harvard University 
  12. Improving Global Health: Quality & Safety - course by Harvard X, an online learning initiative of Harvard University
  13. Education activity endorsed by Abbott Nutrition Health Institute on “Safe Handling and Delivery of Infant Nutrition in the NICU” by H.Q –Columbus-Ohio
  14. CDR Accredited certificate & sponsored by Nestle Nutrition Institute Successful “Aging and Dietary Protein: Beyond the Protein RDA”
  15. Certified by AMEDCO in ‘FDA’s Role In Public Health: Drug, Efficacy, Safety, Quality & beyond’.



Work Experience- 


a) 11 Years working experience in Pharmaceutical /Nutraceuticals & foods Management & Training.   

b) 8+ years of experience in Foods & Nutrition/ dietetics as a consultant.

c) 3 Years of experience in audits/assessments in educational sectors.

d) 3 years research experience in Institute/Lab.


In the following Organisations:-  


1.  SIGMA-SVIZERA (Europe)  HEALTHCARE - since 2000 to 2006  in pharmaceuticals & nutrition management & training industry.

2. ORDAIN  HEALTH CARE - since 2007 to 2008  in pharmaceuticals & nutrition management & training industry.

3. AMBITION  NUTRITION – Scientist & Clinical Nutritionist cum Dietitian  - from 2009 to 2015.

4. DIET FITNESS – Co-Founder cum Advisor & Researcher. since 2012. 




Participations in Training /Workshops :


  • 3 days full-time Management Development Programme in Mumbai 2005 by Svizera Healthcare.

  • 3 Days Full-Time International product Launching Programme in 2006 by SVIZERA HEALTHCARE in Mumbai in association with Secure Pharma (Israel) on Osteoarthritis.

  • National Seminar by Homeopathy Association –Kolkata on Nutrition 2009.

  • National Seminar in 2014 sponsored by DST & IPGME&R. on Gestational Diabetes.

  • 47th National Conference in 2015 organized by National Society of Nutrition. (NIN) Hyderabad.

  • HR Conclave at North East Hill University at Tura in 2015.

  • Continuing Nutrition Education 2015 & 2016 organized by Indian Dietetics Association.

  • Cambridge-India symposium on Diabetes & Nutrition organized by RCSG in 2016 at Kolkata.

  • ICRCPI – 2017  organized by Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (Indian  Chapter) as a Clinical Dietitian, participated also in ‘Workshop On NIV’. Kolkata.

  • 50TH National Conference in 2017 organized by  Indian Dietetics Association – Kolkata

  • 2 days full-time Faculty Development Programme ‘Opportunities For  Research in Social Sciences’ organized by IMS Kolkata in association with AIMS in 2018.

  • International Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in February 2018 organized by jointly NIPER & ICMR-NICED, Kolkata.

  • One day workshop on “ Some Recent Issues in Survey Sampling” jointly organized by Presidency University & IndiaAssociationon for Productivity, Quality, & Reliability.



Guest Speaker/Invited Talk


  • Diet Talk at ERICSSON at Kolkata Office for all employees Chief Dietician & Health Advisor 14.

  • Guest Speaker  for quality education & audit organized by Rampura Pharmacy College – Boroda. Gujrat in 2015.

  • Guest Speaker for ‘Lifestyles diseases & Diet, Nutrition’ organized by Modi Care (Modi group of Industries) at Kolkata 2016.

  • Guest Speaker & Nutrition web instructor for the employees of Tata Beverages Ltd at Kolkata in 2016.



Special Projects:

  • Advisor/consultant for NIT – Jamshedpur students who have developed an application on lifestyles management.
  • Worked on a project for CISF (Under Ministry of Home Affairs) –Andal –West Bengal >  to audit calories-consumption on cooked foods in the mess on weekly basis.



Related to the following organizations for the online/physical consultations/ counseling or academic purposes for Diet & wellness

(There is no connection like as a staff/employee/contractual service. Only consultations/ tips which are subject to availability & final confirmation by the Dietitian with a consent of the concerned Co.).


India                                                                                                                       Global ( writing)


  1. PRACTO                                                                                                  SERMO
  2. LYBRATE                                                                               The Wellness Universe from Mexico.


  1. ICLINIQ                                                                                             TRUEWORTH   WELLNESS
  2. 1 MG                                                                                                      TI-CHI-
  3. ZEST.MD
  4. IHO-VAIDYA                                                                                   TRYHEALTHFITNESS
  5. TIYO
  6. TRUSTMEDI                                                                                        PAINEZEE
  7. SEHAT
  8. JUSTDIAL                                                                                            AMAfeed
  10. PROVIXO                                               LONDON ACADEMY SPORTS & HEALTH SCIENCE
  12. NUTRICHARGE                                                                          AZZURE PHARMA
  13. NUTRELA                                                                                    PERT PHARMA




Other Orgnisations related to Quality Assurance :

  1. BSCIC CERTIFICATIONS - (2016-till date)
  2. IQAG (20013-2014)


Other Associations: 

Member of :            


  • Quality Council Of India (QCI-Full Member).
  • Yearly member of Association of Food Scientists & Technologists- India (AFSTI- India)
  • Corporate – National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM).
  • E-Member of American Society of Reproductive Medicine.(ASRM)
  • Breakthrough Science Society.(BSS)
  • Life: Amnesty International- Human Right Organization. (AI)
  • Life -Indian Dietetics Association .(IDA)
  • Life – Nutrition Society Of India (NSI)



  • Director Pharmaceutical Awards -  2005
  • DOXINATE TITAN award – 2006
  • Nominated for ‘All India Best Healthcare Service Award ‘by Eminent Research –New Delhi for the year 2016.
  • National survey program on ‘Diabetes & diet patients’ by an interview organized by Trinity Market Research –Mumbai.
  • Nominated for ‘National Best Nutrition Pvt. Institute & Diet Counselling Centre’ by IMRB Kantar & CNBC TV-18 for the year 2017 (Award yet to declare)













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