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Dietitian Swapan Banerjee is a consultant licensed dietitian cum nutritionist with a national & international reputation certified by the Foods & Agriculture Organisation (FAO-Rome), FSSAI [Fostac -Level-III in edible Oils and Fat], and CPD (continuous professional development) having the best education to prescribe diet and all kind of nutritional advice for any disease or disorder like obesity, overweight, pediatric to geriatric problems. He is associated with MEDICA Diagnostics (Belgharia), Arica Diagnostics (Shyam Bazar), and a faculty of Nutrition in Vivekananda Mission Seva Pratisthan, Kalyani (a nursing cum paramedical institute ). He participated in TV channels like ABP ANANDA, All India Radio (AIR-AKASHVANI) & other FM channels. He has participated in almost all the AIIMS ( the top international quality medical institutes of India) for conferences & workshops in health/nutrition research. Dt. Banerjee is also the State (W.B) Chief Secretary of WSS Sports & Entertainment Academy, having a corporate office in Mumbai and international branches in Srilanka and Malaysia. Recently, Food Tech Club (India), in collaboration with Nagaland Doctors & Bangladesh Medical Association, jointly assigned him as an International Representative on 'Nutrition & Foods safety.' He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Preventive Medicine and Holistic Health  (JPMHH) indexed in (Wos-Publons, Crossref - (ISSN: 2454 6704)] and a National Board Member of the International Journal of Food, Nutrition & Dietetics (IJFND), one of the reputed nutrition journal having NAAS Rating 3.37. For more details, please see below: 

Dt. Banerjee is a Peer-reviewer and an Editorial Board Member of the following Journals/Publishers:

1. OXFORD University Press Database

2. Frontiers in Endocrinology (section: Molecular and Structural Endocrinology)

3. MDPI- Switzerland

4. Cureus Journal of Medical Science (WoS & Pubmed) ( ISSN: 2168-8184) 

5. Journal of Peer Scientist (Web of Science) (ISSN 2581-7221)

6. South Asian Journal of Research in Microbiology (Web of Science ) (ISSN: 2582-1989)

7. International Journal of Public Health Science (IJPHS-  SCOPUS, Publons, Crossref) ) (p-ISSN: 2252-8806, e-ISSN: 2620-4126)

8. Journal  of Advances in Microbiology (WoS-Publons) (ISSN: 2456-7116)

9. Open Science Journal (OSJ-PLOS) ( ISSN: 2466-4308) 

10. Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research (ISSN2456-8899)

11. International Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (IRJMMS) (ISSN: 2354-211X)

12. International Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences (IJBAS)

13. IOSRD-International  Journal of Food Engineering (IJFE)


Here is the profile of Dt. Swapan Banerjee (Dietitian)   (Other activities: check other web pages).

Educational Details & Major Certifications :

* Special course by CEC-Swayam under the course layout by the Department of Biotechnology, Manipur University on 'Immunology.'

*completed the "Adhyaya-Virtual Hospital Internship Program" held by the Registered Dietitians Board - Indian Dietetic Association from August 2 to 31st August 2021, with 169 total participation hours and daily assignments. 

*  Certified by FSQA in FSSC 22000 v5.1 Internal Auditor Training, Food Allergen Management, Food Environment Management, and Food Fraud and Food Defense (TACCP/VACCP), 2021 enlisted.

* 'Project Management Awareness for MSME' certified by the National Accreditation Board of Education & Training (NABET) on 13th June 2021.

* Certificate of Completion in 'Public Health Nutrition by Institute of Health Management Research University (IIHMR), Bangalore, dated 7th May 2021.

* UGC Sponsored 'Short Term Course in Soft Skills Development ' Certified by the University of Calcutta (HRDC) from 9th Feb. to 15th Feb 2021, organized by the Department of Home Science (CU).

*Basic Course in Bio-Medical Research', certified by NPTEL-IIT Madras in association with ICMR, National Institute of Epidemiology (NIE), Chennai & National Medical Commission (NMC) with ELITE    Level marks 73%.

*Certified course 'Health Research Fundamentals' by NPTEL-IIT Madras under Swayam-Govt of India in association with ICMR & National Institute of Epidemiology with ELITE Level. 8-week course, 2019 batch.

*FSSAI-Fostac-Level-III (Special) training completed and achieved the certificate of competence in 'Edible Oil and Fats-Food Safety Supervisor' (SOIXXXXXX9373).

*Certified by IIT-Madras and Indian Institute of Science in collaboration with ICMR- National Institute of Epidemiology (recognized by MHRD-Govt of India) in an '8-week Health Research Course' with 74% marks (assignments based).

*Certified by SWAYAM-UGC (recognized by MHRD-Govt of India, offered by Garhwal Unversity-a Central University ) in 'Academic Writing' with 94% marks qualifying all assignments & proctored examination.

*Certified by SWAYAM-CEC (recognized by MHRD-UGC-Govt of India, offered by the University of Mysore) in 'Food & Nutrition with 70% marks qualifying all assignments & proctored examinations.

*Post Graduation in Marketing Management. (MMM) from  Alagappa University (NAAC-A-Grade). ( specialization - Food Marketing).

*Post Graduation In Dietetics & Food Service Management (M.Sc) from Indira Gandhi University.

*Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetic Education (PGCDE) by the International Diabetic Federation.

*Bachelor of Science (B.Sc-Bio) from Calcutta  University.

*Certificate in Human Unity from Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture –Kolkata, supported by UNESCO. 

*Diploma in Management from NILEM- Chennai.

*Diploma in Nutrition with Distinction Internationally Accredited by CPD Standard Office -E-Learning (Code-50138), UK.

*QMS - Lead Auditor Training conducted by SGS -England (5 Days Full Time ) certified by IRCA –UK.

*DAMS (Ayurveda) with Distinction by National Development Agency. India (Reg. No.-917138- under Govt. of India) 

*Qualified by (ACE) DGET - Govt. of India. ( Exam Centre: NIELIT Kolkata -  Jadavpur University )

*Researcher in SSU on Foods & Nutrition on the topic: 'Endocrine Disorders & Dietary Interventions '

* 'Foods Safety Supervisor -Catering -Level-II'  - Certified by Food Safety & Standards Authority of India  (FOSTAC -Training Dept.) C/O - Confederation of Indian Industry -Surakshit Khadya Abhiyan and certified by FOSTAC-FSSAI in COVID -19 (ID no-ACO0581299364).

Other National/International /Online Certifications : 

  1. Certified by World Obesity Federation –E-Learning- SCOPE-UK.
  2. Certified by IDF School of Diabetes (accredited by European Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education) on 'Prevention of Type II Diabetes' with distinction.
  3. Master Certificate achieved from UNICEF on 'Infant & Young Child Feeding.'
  4. Certificate in “Clinical Skills Assessment” by The Royal College of General Practitioners. 
  5. Certificate in “Food Safety” by Victoria Government (Dept. of Health) Australia.
  6. Certificate in “Good Clinical Practice” by London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
  7. Certificate in “Understanding Common Disease” by the University of Wollongong. Australia.
  8. 'Certificate in Nutrition' by The Health Science Academy U.K.  
  9. Certificate in  'Health and Wellness' – by Arizona State University.
  10. Certified & education activity endorsed by Abbott Nutrition Health Institute on “Basic Newborn Nutritional Needs” by H.Q –Columbus-Ohio. 
  11. Statement of Accomplishment “Essential of Non-Profit Strategy” by Berkeley Haas- University of California. (Non-profitable).
  12. Certificate in Food & Nutrition by IGNOU –New Delhi.
  13. Certificate in HIV & Family Education by IGNOU – New Delhi.
  14. Honour Code Certificate in 'Global Health Case Studies From a Biosocial Perspective course' by Harvard X, an online learning initiative at Harvard University.
  15. Honour Code Certificate in 'Improving Global Health: Quality & Safety' - course by Harvard X, an online learning initiative at Harvard University.
  16. Certified  & education activity endorsed by Abbott Nutrition Health Institute on “Safe Handling and Delivery of Infant Nutrition in the NICU” (Columbus-Ohio).
  17. CDR Accredited certificate & sponsored by Nestle Nutrition Institute Successful “Aging and Dietary Protein: Beyond the Protein RDA.”
  18. Certified by AMEDCO in ‘FDA’s Role In Public Health: Drug, Efficacy, Safety, Quality & beyond.’
  19. Certified by ELSEVIER (Researcher Academy) in the following modules “How to turn a thesis into an article” & “Understanding peer-review process.
  20. Certified by MOOC -UDEMY in ‘Sports Nutrition ’
  21. CDR accredited Megabite online certificate on 'Irritable Bowel Syndrome & FODMAPs' (Level-III- 1.5 CPEU credit).
  22. CDR accredited Megabite online certificate on 'Sports Nutrition Basic' (Level-II- 1.5 CPEU credit).
  23. Certified by Manipal PRO Learn  ‘Basics of Programming Using R’.
  24. FAO 'Infoods E-Learning & 1-day training '- by H.Q. Rome co-ordinators at the National Institute of Nutrition -H.Q Hyderabad, India.
  25. Completed all e-learning modules on ‘POSHAN ABHIYAAN’ and Certified by NIN- ICMR (Ministry of Women & Child Development-Govt. of India),2019.
  26. Certified by USAID- John Hopkins Bloomberg (school of public health) in Knowledge Management (KM) in Global Health Programs under the Global Health e-learning Centre.


Work Experience- 

a) 11 Years of working experience in Pharmaceutical /Nutraceuticals and Food Management and Training.   

b) 8+ years of experience in food & Nutrition/ dietetics as a consultant.

c) 3 Years of experience in audits/assessments in educational sectors.

d) 3 years of research experience in Institutes/labs.


In the following Organisations:-  

1.  SIGMA-SVIZERA (Indian Multinationals)  HEALTHCARE - from 2000 to 2006  in the pharmaceuticals & nutrition management & training industry.

2. ORDAIN  HEALTH CARE - from 2007 to 2008  in the pharmaceuticals & nutrition management & training industry.

3. AMBITION  NUTRITION – Researcher & Clinical Nutritionist cum Dietitian  - from 2009 to 2015.

4. DIET FITNESS – Co-Founder cum Advisor & Researcher. since 2012. 


Participation in Training /Workshops :

  • Participated in 3 days of full-time Management Development Programme in Mumbai 2005 by Svizera Healthcare.

  • Participated in 3 Days Full-Time International product Launching Programme in 2006 by SVIZERA HEALTHCARE in Mumbai in association with Secure Pharma (Israel) on Osteoarthritis.

  • Attended the  National Seminar by Homeopathy Association –Kolkata on Nutrition 2009.

  • Participated in the National Seminar in 2014 sponsored by DST & IPGME & R. on Gestational Diabetes.

  • Participated in the 47th National Conference in 2015, organized by the National Society of Nutrition. (NIN) Hyderabad.

  • Participated in the HR Conclave at North East Hill University (a Central University) at Tura, Meghalaya, in 2015.

  • Participated in Continuing Nutrition Education 2015 & 2016, organized by the Indian Dietetics Association.

  • Participated in the Cambridge-India Symposium on Diabetes & Nutrition organized by RCSG in 2016 in Kolkata.

  • ICRCPI – 2017,  organized by the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (Indian  Chapter) as a Clinical Dietitian, also participated in ‘Workshop On NIV.’ Kolkata.

  • Attended the 50th National Conference in 2017, organized by the Indian Dietetics Association – Kolkata

  • Participated in the 2 days full-time Faculty Development Programme ‘Opportunities For  Research in Social Sciences organized by IMS Kolkata in association with AIMS in 2018.

  • Participated in the International Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in February 2018, organized by jointly NIPER & ICMR-NICED, Kolkata.

  • Participated in the “ Some Recent Issues in Survey Sampling” workshop organized by Presidency University & Indian Association for Productivity, Quality, & Reliability, 2018.

  • Participated in the oral presentation – 4th Management 2 Days Doctoral Colloquium (MDC & VRS- 2 days) organized by (VGSOM-IIT) Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur in March 2018.

  • Participated in the oral presentation - 2 Days Doctoral Colloquium organized by the Institute of Management Study Kolkata in association with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University Of Technology (MAKAUT-W.B).April 2018.

  • School Of Courage -Free Mentorship Program by Wockhardt Foundation & Accenture.2018.

  • Participated in the 7 days full-time " National Workshop on Application & Uses Of Research Methodology” organized by Banaras Hindu University (BHU); Department of Home Science, Varanasi. April 18, U.P.

  • Participated in the two days full time: 63- Foundation Day Celebrations 'National Workshop on Research Methodology & Scientific Writing ' organized by the Institute of Post Graduate Teaching & Research In Ayurveda (WHO collaborating center for traditional medicine - Ayurveda), a govt. Premier institute under Gujrat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, in July 2018.

  • Attended a one-day seminar: 'Toyota Production System & Quality Function Development ' organized by the Quality Council of India associated with the National Board of Quality Promotion (Govt.) in New Delhi in July 2018.

  • Participated in the workshop on Medical Nutrition Therapy - Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition in AIIMS -New Delhi,  jointly organized by the Indian Society of Clinical Nutrition & Department of Gastroenterology & HNU & Surgical Disciplines AIIMS on 31st, Aug-2nd, Sep 2018.

  • Participated in the 2 days full-time workshop - ‘Qualitative Methods in Health Research’ organized by the Department of Community & Family Medicine at AIIMS Patna (12 credits by Bihar Council of Medical Registration) in October 2018.

  • Participated & achieved ‘Certificate of Completion in FAO/INFOODS Training on Foods Composition’ by FAO -H.Q- Rome in November 2018, organized by the National Institute of Nutrition – Hyderabad in association with ICMR New Delhi.

  • Participated in the full-time ‘Sports Nutrition Workshop’ organized by the Nutrition Society of India (NIN-ICMR) at Hyderabad in November 2018.

  • Participated in the 3-day full-time workshop (CME) on " Cancer Prevention, Education, & Promotion" held at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, in June 2019, approved by Maharashtra Medical Council & conducted by dept. of preventive oncology. 

  • Participated in a full-day Symposium on ' Lifestyles Change Interventions in Cardiovascular Metabolic & Malignant Diseases' organized by the Department of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology, School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata, on 6th September 19. 

  • Attended 10th Regional Quality Conclave organized by QCI-NBQP in association with Federation of Small & Medium Industries (MSME-FOSMI) on the theme 'Quality & Manufacturing Excellence for Sustainable Growth' addressed by Chief Guest Sadhan Pande, Hon’ble Minister-in-Charge of Consumer Affairs & Self Help Group, Government of West Bengal with the presence of other eminent personalities from industries as well as academia.

  • Attended 5th Eastern India Regional Conference as Golden Jubilee year, held on 10th & 11th January 2020 at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, Kolkata, organized by Indian Society for Training and Development, New Delhi, in association with ISTD Kolkata chapter and Linkedin Local. 


Guest Speaker/Invited Talk ( with PPT presentation)

  • Diet Talk at ERICSSON at Kolkata Office for all employees Chief Dietician & Health Advisor in 2014.

  • Guest Speaker for quality education & audit organized by Rampura Pharmacy College – Boroda. Gujrat in 2015.

  • Guest Speaker for ‘Lifestyles diseases & Diet, Nutrition’ organized by Modi Care (Modi group of Industries) at Kolkata 2016.

  • Guest Speaker & Nutrition web instructor for the employees of Tata Beverages Ltd at Kolkata in 2016.

  • Guest Speaker on ' Bengali Nabobarso 1425' as an event in  Kolkata jointly organized by Provixo Pvt. Ltd. & Paschimbanga Ayurved Chikitsak Samity: Topic - " Nutritional Benefits of Aloe vera with wheatgrass, Panch Tulsi, Rhizome Turmeric Juice, Karela Jamun Juice ." in 2018.

  • Diet Talk at  TATA METALIKS - Kharagpur, West Bengal, on the topics: Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperuricemia, Hypothyroidism, Cardio Vascular Disorders, and Fatty Liver.

  • Guest Speaker at an event for cancer patients organized by ‘JAGARAN’ Hematology Organization & Research Centre (Headed by Dr. Prof. T.K Dolai ) in Kolkata Moulali Yuva Kendra on 3rd November 2018


Special Projects:

  • Designed and prepared calorie tables for 7 types of khichuri and their health benefits for the supply of commercial tiffin packs under the cloud kitchen marketed by ALITAZ, Near South City Mall, Kolkata.

  • Started a project under an NGO-CACPL in collaboration with NABARD (Govt. of Inda), to create awareness among villagers on nutrition through more production & distribution of organic vegetables in the Midnapore district, West Bengal. (Objective: more raw vegetable production by farmers & subsequently, higher financial benefits for them).

  • Advisor/consultant for NIT – Jamshedpur students who have developed an application on lifestyle management.

  • Worked on a project for CISF (Under Ministry of Home Affairs) –Andal –West Bengal >  to audit calorie consumption on cooked foods in a mess every week.



1. Published 'Diet Tips' on World Foods Day 2019 in Times of India Newspaper, both e-version & print on 17th October,19.  

2. Participated LIVE 1 hr solo program on All India Radio (AIR-Jubavani) with RJ Sohini & RJ Sagnika as Guest Nutritionist on 'Fast Foods & Crash Dieting,' receiving direct questions from listeners on 4th September 19 on the eve of 'National Nutrition Month' (Poshan Month).

3. Participated in ABP ANANDA T.V Channel as a panel member (Guest Nutritionist). A 22 min recording show telecast on 27th & 28th (repeated) July 2019 on the topic 'Sugar & Sugar-Free.'

4. Participated in AIR- RAINBOW FM 107.0 MHz radio station on 16th February 2019 on healthy eating habits as a guest nutritionist.

4. Interview conducted for The Telegraph for Schools (TTIS), 2018

5. Blogs in Bengali and English magazines,2017.


Related to the following organizations for the online/physical consultations/counseling or academic purposes for Diet & wellness

(There is no connection like as a staff/employee/contractual service. So that you know – only consultations/ tips are subject to availability & final confirmation by the Dietitian with the consent of the concerned Co.).

India                                                                                      Global _____________


  1. PRACTO                                                                                                 1. SERMO

  2. LYBRATE                                                           2. The Wellness Universe from -Mexico.

  3. ICLINIQ                                                                                       3. TRUE WORTH   WELLNESS

  4. 1 MG                                                                                                    4. TI-CHI-

  5. ZEST.MD

  6. IHO-VAIDYA                                                                               5.TRYHEALTHFITNESS

  7. TIYO

  8. TRUSTMEDI                                                                                 6.  PAINEZEE

  9. SEHAT

  10. JUSTDIAL                                                                                      7. AMAfeed


  12. PROVIXO                                         8.  LONDON ACADEMY SPORTS & HEALTH SCIENCE


  14. NUTRICHARGE                                                                    9.    AZZURE PHARMA

  15. NUTRELA                                                                              10.  PERT PHARMA


     17. CARECLUES                                                                           11. GLOBAL CITIZEN FORUM

    18. DABUR


    20. VOKAL


Other Organisations related to Quality Assurance :

  1. BSCIC CERTIFICATIONS - (2016-till date)

  2. IQAG (20013-2014). 

Academic connections with :

  1. Cambridge University Press

  2. Confederation of Indian Industry

  3. Bengal Chamber of Commerce

  4. Calcutta Management Association

  5. Indian Dairy Association

  6. All India Management Association

  7. Amazon Inc.

  8. European Federation of Dietetics

  9. Wyeth Nutrition

  10. Asian Keto Society

  11. Indian Chamber of Commerce

  12. UN Global Compact Network India

  13. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry


Other Associations: 

Member of :            

  • Associate Life Member of the Indian Society for Paediatric & Adolescent Endocrinology (ISPAE)

  • The International Academy of Nutrition Educators (IANE) 

  • American Society of Clinical Oncology

  • Associate Life Member of DAY (Diabetes Awareness & You)

  • Diploma Honorary Member of  INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE, London

  • Member of Siksha Sanskriti Uthwan Nyas (Academic policy- Shodh Prakalp-India). 

  • Yearly member of the Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (AFSTI- India)

  • Corporate – National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM).

  • E-Member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. (ASRM)

  • Breakthrough Science Society. (BSS)

  • Life: Amnesty International- (AI-Non operational)

  • Life -Indian Dietetics Association. (IDA)

  • Life – Nutrition Society Of India (NSI)

  • All India Achievers & Research Academy (T.N)

  • Indian Academicians & Researchers Association (IARA)

  • Life Member of the Institute of Scholar (Professional)

  • International Association of Oncology (IAO)

  • Association of Pharmaceuticals Research (IPR)


Special Invitations 

1) International invitation received as a Speaker: 4th Global Summit on Obesity & Diet Management Dubai, UAE, October 11-12, 2019.

2) International invitation received as plenary speaker: " Global Experts Meeting on Pediatrics & Neonatology" conference at Rome, Italy, October 17th-19th, 2019.

3) Internal invitation "World Food Instanbul: 28th International Foods Products & Processing Technologies" on September 2nd-5th, 2020, Istanbul.



  • Director (Pharmaceutical) Award  -  2005

  • DOXINATE TITAN Award – 2006

  • Nominated for ‘All India Best Healthcare Service Award ‘by Eminent Research –New Delhi for 2016.

  • National Survey Program on ‘Diabetes & diet patients’ by an interview organized by Trinity Market Research –Mumbai in 2016.

  • Nominated for ‘National Best Nutrition & Diet Counselling Organisation’ by IMRB Kantar & CNBC TV-18 for the year 2017.

  • 'FACE TO FACE -An Interview ' on Obesity & Malnutrition, by TTIS (The Telegraph in Schools ) organized by Don Bosco Park Circus, published in May 7th edition (May,7-May13,2018- 16 pages).

  • Nominated by TIME Cybermedia for the 3rd International Healthcare Awards, 2018.

  • Nominated by Adfactor to Diet Fitness for International Business Achievers Awards & Summit, 2018 (Gurgaon).

  • Special Interview on 'Nutrition of Milk Products  & Milk Adulteration' by KANTAR IMRB INTERNATIONAL, 2018.

  • Qualified & Accepted Research Paper in the Young Scientist Award’ & Oral Presentation in November 2018 at the Golden Jubilee International Conference organized by the Nutrition Society of India (NIN-ICMR) in Hyderabad.

  • Recipient of the prestigious 'Research Excellence Award -2019' provided by the Institute of Scholar (InSc), Bengaluru (Govt. of Karnataka) for the research paper A Study on Relationship between Subclinical Hypothyroidism & Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease among Working Women in Kolkata. " The award was received on 11th December 2019.

  • Recipient 'Young Researcher Award-2020' from honorable Chief guests: Tamilnadu Industry Minister and formerly C.M honorable Mr. M.C.Sampath and Mr.N.Rangasamy, respectively, apart from the glorious presence of the present Chief Minister. Honorable Mr. V.Narayanaswamy during the 2 days International Conferences at Pondicherry on 24th-25th January 2020.


My research profile: ORCID IDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0001-5781-5436 Researchgate IDhttps://www.researchgate.net/profile/Swapan_Banerjee4;  Google Scholarhttps://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=yIcsuQoAAAAJ; Web of Science ID;  https://publons.com/researcher/3512997/swapan-banerjee/; SSRN- Author ID4079523.


(Other activities: check other web pages)












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