Arthritis Diet  ( Tentative for 60-year-old female)

    1) 5.30 am – 300ml water + lemon 3 drops

    2) 30 min. some soft Yoga as per instructor,

    (Not all poses are safe for this kind of patients) .Then take 10 min rest & water.

3) 7am/8am – Breakfast – Oat 50gm/ brown breads/ Dalia/Dhokla/ 2 cream cracker Biscuits. 50gm card or Yoghurt or chana should be mandatory.

4) After 15 min. of breakfast can drink 1 cup green tea. Skimmed /Double toned milk 2 tsp with lukewarm water can be given preference.

5) 11 am – small banana / berries / ripe guava + 1 citrus fruit.  

6) 12-1 pm –Lunch – 30-50gm brown rice /2 -3 Phulka Roti , mix veg(less oil & spices –only homemade)1 bowl, 50gm fish for non-vegetarian or 50gm plain paneer for vegetarian along with green salad, sour tasted curd 30gm

7) some rest but not day time sleep.

8) 3 pm – any citrus fruit (one or two pcs ), some green salad (not mandatory).

9) 5 pm /6 pm –evening – Any light calorie meal –Like Oat/ Poha/ 2 pcs Idly/ 2 pcs bread (no butter), rice flakes/puffed rice 50gm with chana/salad

10) Then green tea along with cream cracker Biscuit 1pcs.

11) 9.30 pm – 2 pulka roti or 30gm rice, 15 gm dal, mix vegetables preferably gourds, paneer 50gm based another recipe or tarka, OR almost same low-calorie diet as like Lunch.

Pl.Note: This is just a standard diet plan may not be suitable equally applicable for all. This is just for some of the meals which can contain nutrients.


ADVs mainly to follow

1.       No alcohol or smoking – max 2 pegs red wine if possible. But no smoking which is very harmful always.

2.       No Breakfast skipping but must /should have 3-50 gm plain Oatmeal or at least 2-4 cream cracker Biscuits.

3.       Instead of Coffee better to have Green tea which is really useful indirectly to reduce weight as said.

4.       Take /try to consume less rice but whole wheat 2-3 pcs phulka  roti, rice increase visceral fat for sedentary people like you.

5.       Do not take a banana, sweets, rich cream based all foods, try to add greens, more gourds vegetables, whole skins vegetables/fruits.


8.       cola products, no alcohol, smoking to avoid,

9.       Sleep only 6-7 hours

10.     Exercises Outdoor & Indoor  (as mail) as more possible -2 -3 hours

11.     Without exercises or activities like walking  2-3 km daily, jogging, etc high efforts oriented - << NOTHING IS POSSIBLE –so be serious & start practicing.

12.     Be dynamic as possible, never be at a place for a long time sitting, oriented .rather always oriented.But as you have done kidney transplantation, so avoid excess or strenuous exercises.

13.     Avoid red meat, butter, all .ghee, cheese, or oily or fried foods.

Greens ,vegetables, fruits as guided above are only helpful for you. No other to try.

15. less than 5gm salt & NO Garam masala.





(Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person)