Awareness Programme


Awareness Programme (Data collection for various research studies)


1.     Free health awareness camp at Siliguri for HIV infected people in 2009.

2.     Attended for free diet camp cum consultations organized by POTO Cooking competition at Beleghata in 2014.

3.     Free Diet Camp at Netaji Sishu Udyan , Belghoria for the purpose of nutritional assessment. Collected health information from all participants (children & their parents) in 2017.

4.     Free Diet Camp at Prabartak High School to all participants ( children 4yr-15 yr.) of Rangeen Art Academy (Belghoria area) attended for drawing competition in 2017.

5.     Free Diet Camp at Deshpriya Nagar Bharati Sangha. Collected data in 2017.

6.     Attended Kabadi competition for certifications to kids as participants at Belghoria Ajad Hind Sangha 2017.

7.     Free Diet camp at Bijay Krishna Girls College –Howrah in 2017. Nutritional assessment & consultations done for all girls students including faculties.





















(Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person)