Diabetic Advice – Recommended Calorie 1200kcal/Day

  Classification of Nutrients on the basis of total calorie: (Raw/Uncooked ingredients)

  1. Carbohydrate (CHO) – 1200 x 60% = 720Kcal /4 = 180gm

  Consumptions Approx : Breakfast -30gm Lunch -70gm Evening – 20gm,Dinner -60gm

  2. Protein – (Mostly Plant based) – 1200 X 25% = 300/4 = 75gm

Consumptions: 1 egg white/1 pc. small Daga fish, soya, vegetables, pulses, some dairy(check allergy if any).

3. Fat (Only cooking oil ) 1200 X 15% = 180/9= 20ml/20gm or 2 TSF.

(Not allowed any trans fat , also keep away from saturated fat. Better to use Olive Oil).


5.30/6 am -After Rise – 300ml water + lemon 3 drops ,after 30 min. methi water(fenugreek).

Outdoor Exercises -Then start, walking 15 mins , 2 kms walking in a day at campus/fresh air, avoid pollution, dust, fog, cold, rain water etc.

Indoor exercises – Yoga /Body poses to practice for 1 hr at early morning & also at bed time after 15/30 min. of Dinner .Then take 10 min rest & water. Some indoor exercises can be practiced safely & if discomfort should stop immediately. AS WRITTEN HERE :

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Plank (Kumbhakasana), chair poses, warrior poses ,cobbler pose, Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend), Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose),Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose).etc.

7am/8amBreakfast – 2 slice Brown breads/Oatmeal/Dalia/ Poha or Porridge ( no nuts/oil)/veg. sand witch 2 pcs. = 50gm cereals, also, 1 egg white poultry, low oil 1 cup mix soft vegetables, can add if you want(weekly 2 -3 days). 2 Biscuits  can be readymade snack any time in a day, as this is also low calorie any time .

9 am – Office/Field/at home – some water & 1 cup green /Liker tea.

10 am –Snacks -1 guava, or berries, 1 orange,/pear, Cherries, peaches, amla, Talsash, small apple or similar types  (NO Banana , dry fruits, No sweet all juices etc.)

12-1 pmLunch – 2 Phulka roti  or 50gm< brown rice or both mix in half/half , mix veg. gourds family (less oil & spices –only homemade-1 bowl) or sukta bengali recipe, 15gm dal soup, 1pc. 50gm fish (Rohu/Catla) or 50gm plain paneer, must add green salad mainly cucumber, sour curd 30- 50gm. (Boneless Chicken breast/leg pc. Within 50gm twice in a week in Lunch max.) (You can select if veg/non-veg as per weekly menu plan. Do plan in a changing pattern/like hostel)

Then - 30 min. mild walking within home /campus. & some sitting rest.

3 pm – any citrus fruit (one or two pcs ),some green salad/any suitable low calorie.

5pm /6pmevening – Any light calorie meal –(like Breakfast as mentioned above ) ,some more like – low salt chira/muri (puffed rice/flakes) with green salad 50gm etc.

Then -  can have green/Liker tea

8.30/9.30pmDinner - 2 phulka ,15gm dal, mix veg (as Lunch), paneer 50gm or tarka, sprouts  curd 50gm can add. OR almost same calorie diet as like Lunch. (prefer veg. meals here). Try to not to repeat same meals as Lunch even after warming from refrigerator  ,so its always advisable to cook separately & that is  good for health. 

10pm – Just have 10 min. mild walking & can try some Yoga/Fat burning poses as discussed above. Then go to bed & sleep tightly.


 Some Important Advise to keep remembering always:

  1. 20 grams of fat a day is the limitation including cooking oil usage.
  2. No alcohol or smoking as these are very harmful always for you even for pancreatitis ,Obesity or other complications since you are suffering.
  3. Plenty of water/fluid consumption is required. Sometimes fluid based diet helpful , in case of pancreas flare then also helpful.
  4. No Breakfast skipping of meals but must /should have 30-50 gm plain Oatmeal/Dalia/porridge or at least 2-4 cream cracker Biscuits.
  5. Instead of Coffee better to have Green tea which is really useful indirectly to reduce weight as said.
  6. Take /try to consume less rice but whole wheat 2 pcs .phulka  roti, (rice increase visceral fat for sedentary people like you). Avoid too much fiber.
  7. Do not take banana, dry fruits all types, sweets, rich cream based all foods. Add more gourds vegetables, whole skins vegetables/fruits (except sweets in taste)..
  8. No fast foods, junk, saturated , trans fat based foods or similar like pizza, burger, Biriyani, all types, chowmin, oily/fried foods, no hotel /Restaurant meal
  9. STOP all kind of fried foods like street foods, chips, nuts, dry foods,salty foods ,No processed foods , no fried vegetables even at home, better to have soft/strew
  10. No cola, soft drinks, sugary or open market drinks products, even chilled fruit juice , better to have fruit juice like Mosambi/orange in a small cup at home.
  11.  Sleep only 7 hours tightly ,no day time or off time or unnecessary sleep.
  12. Calcium, iron, folate, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 may be supplemented (as per Physician’s advice).
  13.  Small but frequent meals (every 2-3 hours interval) is always better in terms of digestion. Also chew enough at mouth, take water after 5 min. of all meals.
  14. Remember –timely eating & some exercises, altogether can help you a lot.