These are some Yogas & Poses which are really good for reducing Body Fat, Belly Fat


Yoga for Belly Fat

****(Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person)
Warrior Pose- 2
Warrior Pose- 1
Bridge Pose
Cobblers Pose
Camel Pose
Chair Pose
Plank (Kumbhakasana)
Boat pose (Naukasana)


Pl.note: To boost your metabolism, you may want to do this series of exercises in the morning.

Caution for all :

 All the above exercises may not be suitable for everyone. So do not practice these poses if you are pregnant, recently under gone a surgery, have joints pain,back injury or leg injury etc. If you feel pain, discomfort or dizziness then stop immediately & do not continue. Further you can contact consultant expert in this regard.