General Diet


Age: 56

Waist Circumference (cms): 40

BMI: 29.29

Tentative diet plan : 1400kcal /day

6 am - Lemon water, 2 km. walking methi water 100ml.

7am - 2 cream cracker Biscuits with green tea.

8am - Oatmeal with skim milk/ 2 phulka/ 2-3 pcs Idly/ Dahi Chura/cornflakes with milk.

10am - Guava/berries/ any citrus like Orange/Mosambi

12.30 Noon - BROWN RICE/ 2-3 PCS Phulkas, mix veg. (less potatoes), 15gm pulses. (dal), plain paneer 30gm / mix sprouts , sour curd 50gm or Raita.

3 pm - 1 citrus fruit

6 pm - ANY LOW-CALORIE meals with green tea.

9.30pm - Chapathi,dal, mix veg. curd.


AVOID - spinach (palak) local greens, high fiber rich foods, no fast/junk/ fried foods, no butter, ghee, dalda, cream rich foods, soft drinks Cola etc.

More or must - little more Iodised salt to add in meals, little more ginger, onion, garlic,

km walking, some yogas are helpful always for you. No stress or excessive exercises, UROLOGIST for UTI infections suspected.




(Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person)