Best Dietary Tips for a Dysentery patient

Best Tips for Dysentery patient –


  1. No fast, junk, saturated , trans fat based foods or meals like pizza, burger, Biriyani all types, chowmin etc. ,
  2.  STOP all kind of fried foods like street/Restaurant foods, even home based no fried foods , no fried vegetables.
  3.  No cola products, no alcohol, smoking, Gutkha, Tobacco products etc.
  4. Sleep 8-9 hours on average. can have  day time sleep/nap.
  5. No red meat, butter ,ghee ,cheese, or NO oily or fried foods.bhaji at all .
  6. Greens ,vegetables, fruits as guided above are only helpful for you. No refined sugar, too much sweets, sweet juices.
  7. No salt or salted products like chips, mixtures of open market.
  8. It’s better to uses Olive Oil or white Oil as said quantity ,but not mustard oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil
  9. Try to avoid more animal foods, not at all out side as meals, always home made simple soft or semi solid low salt, no spicy foods.
  10. Do not add hot spices like red chillies , elachi/cardamom/cumin or even too much addition of any open market branded spices, are not fully  safe. All you must count very low in quantity before cooking.
  11. Patient like you, it’s better to have mostly strew, soup based homemade soft & bland meals
  12. Do not consume now a days ,nuts, almond, cashew, similar types of dry fruits, even dates, sweet mangoes are not good for you.
  13. This is always to have fruits, or fruits salad, green salad in your all staple meals for better digestion & help towards for lipid profiles. So can be maintained good health of Liver, Heart, Kidney.
  14.  Egg white max one pc in a day ,so 7 pcs/ 7 days. No Red meat like Mutton etc. Also cut down, excessive animal foods.
  15.  Best Fruits to Eat –  Berries, Cucumbers, papaya, water Melon, small apple  all citrus fruits like 1 pc Mosambi, amala, Lemon juices, Orange as per season available. Avoid all sweet fruits like ripe mangoes, coconut, Black grapes, dates, of course all dry fruits,
  16. Best Vegetables to eat – All gourds Like Bottle Gourds, snake gourds, bitter gourds, also beet roots, carrots, all whole skins vegetables good.
  17. Avoid vegetables like spinach, logcal greens, all seeds,brinjal, Cabbage, Cauliflower etc (or if check allergy).
  18.  No wine or alcoholic products ,No smoking also.
  19.  Drink water after 10mins.of each meal & avoid heavy meals at a time, small but frequent meals (every 2-3 hours interval) are always helpful for all. Do not sit or sleep just after staple meals but some mild movements.
  20. Recommended Fruits –can be 400 gm total per day ]

Add - Cucumber, Guava, berries, small apple, all citrus fruits like musambi, orange, amla, plums,medium size grapes, some cherries,Pineapple etc.

Fruits Restricted/Very less

NOT NOW - Banana, coconut, all sweets fruits mango, etc. including juices, black grapes, jackfruit, all dry fruits like Dates, almond, cashew, Akhrot ,all nuts.etc.

  1. Recommended Vegetables  –can be 500 gm total per day (Lunch, Dinner)

Add – All gourds like bottle gourd, papaya, Snake gourd(Lau), Bitter Gourd (Corela) , Parbal, Ladies finger, Broccoli, etc.

Vegetables Restricted/Very less

NOT NOW/Less – Potatoes, sweet potatoes, local greens , pumpkin, cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal etc.or anything creates gas or indigestion

More to add -

  • Rehydration therapy - initially this is done using oral rehydration; the patient is encouraged to drink plenty of liquids. 
  • Never  poor hygiene, 
  • Regularly washing  hands, especially before and after going to the toilet and preparing food.,
  • only drink water from reliable sources Aqua Gaurd or bottled water or hot water duly normal.
  • Make sure the food you eat is thoroughly cooked, hot or lukewarm, fresh ,same day based
  • No back dated, challan, old, rotten foods
  • No processed ,spicy outside packeted foods like out side soups.
  • No use of ice cubes, Drinking vinegar with some water or soup/strew on Sunday or holidays
  • Use purified water to clean your teeth.
  • Blood test, Endoscopy/ colonoscopy – may go for tests.





(Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person)



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