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CONTACT FOR ONLINE DIET: 9903167873 TO AVOID COVID-19 INFECTION. The Diet plan will be emailed to your ID within 4-5 days. So far,  more than 200 diet plans within 2 months. Thanks for selecting our service. 

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All appointments booking followed by diet consultation is confirmed and accomplished as per our system and process. We do not run or promote any business activities through paid services by any telehealth or web companies since our inception. Hence all the feedbacks/reviews/comments visible in Google or other websites or third parties portals are completely provided spontaneously by the patients/patient parties. They are expressing their valuable feelings, satisfaction cum gratitude by their own words, which are as per ethical feedback protocol using their electronic device. Dietitian Swapan Banerjee believes in quality and quality work. Therefore, he says, 'Unending Thanks' to everyone for selecting the consultation. We are only happy when our patients are happy. Thanks to all. Speedy Recovery. God Bless You!!


International Patients ( Related to online counseling through Icliniq portal)


1)   Jen Thomason (Phoenix, United States) on Nutritionist at 01.Mar.2018 09:38pm

2)    Ashton Hill (Sydney, Australia) on Dietician at 01.Mar.2018 07:52pm.

3)    Golam (Montreal, Canada) on Dietician at 26.Dec.2017 10:04am

4)    Ice (Orange, United States) on Fitness Expert at 04.Dec.2017 09:11pm

5)   James (Newark, United States) on Fitness Expert at 15.Nov.2017 10:27pm

6)   Kareem (Sydney, Australia) on Fitness Expert at 27.Oct.2017 06:34pm

7)    Raeven Hamilton (Pittsburgh, United States) on Nutritionist at 21.Oct.2017 01:09am

8)   Richie (Passaic, United States) on Dietician at 23.Aug.2017 04:12am

9)    Richie J Louis (Stony Brook, United States) on Dietician at 13.Jun.2017 06:50pm –since 2 years under consultations.

10)  John Foster (Japan) on Fitness Expert at 05.May.2017 03:45pm.

11)   Slethu (Jakarta, Indonesia) on Dietician at 19.Apr.2017 10:21pm

12)   Najam Sheikh (United Kingdom) on Nutritionist at 18.Apr.2017 11:57pm

13)   Khairul (Singapore) on Dietician at 13.Apr.2017 05:32pm

14)  Savanna (Saint Cloud, United States) on Fitness Expert at 12.Apr.2017 09:37pm.

15)   Sara Seeza (United Kingdom) on Dietician at 07.Apr.2017 07:48am.

16)  Jesyca (Nigeria) on Dietician at 05.Apr.2017 06:15pm

17)   Sarah (United Kingdom) on Nutritionist at 04.Apr.2017 01:17am – journalist since 4 years

18)  Natasha (Missouri City, United States) on Dietician at 29.Mar.2017 06:32pm –since 1 year

19)   Pema Lhaden (Bhutan) on Fitness Expert at 21.Mar.2017 09:07am

20)  Shaun burke (United Kingdom) on Dietician at 21.Mar.2017 08:53am

21)  Jibran (Downers Grove, United States) on Nutritionist at 10.Mar.2017 02:12pm

22)  Ashwath (Jakarta, Indonesia) on Fitness Expert at 06.Mar.2017 10:06pm

23)  Manikandan (Jakarta, Indonesia) on Nutritionist at 06.Mar.2017 10:03pm.

24)  Mustain (Dhaka, Bangladesh) on Dietician at 21.Feb.2017 10:53pm.

25)  Emily Conlin (Bethlehem, United States) on Dietician at 04.Dec.2016 10:24am

26)  BHANU (Jakarta, Indonesia) on Fitness Expert at 29.Nov.2016 02:37pm

27)  Janakiraman ra (Jakarta, Indonesia) on Fitness Expert at 25.Nov.2016 07:41pm

28)  Aaron Shaw (United Kingdom) on Fitness Expert at 27.Oct.2016 04:15pm

29)  Chotu (Lincoln, United States) on Fitness Expert at 12.Oct.2016 04:09pm

30)  Pravi (Downers Grove, United States) on Dietician at 09.Oct.2016 08:34pm

31)  Mwc janaka (Netherlands) on Fitness Expert at 28.Sep.2016 12:36am

32)  Ramee (United Kingdom) on Fitness Expert at 16.Sep.2016 08:43pm

33)  Hannah David (Lagos, Nigeria) on Nutritionist at 13.Sep.2016 04:30pm

34)  Julie Lee (Sour Lake, United States) on Nutritionist at 01.Sep.2016 08:38am

35)  Sawon (Dhaka, Bangladesh) on Fitness Expert at 30.Aug.2016 05:37pm

36)  Zim (Elmont, United States) on Dietician at 28.Aug.2016 03:20am

37)  Anonymous1 (Yelm, United States) on Nutritionist at 27.Aug.2016 02:02am

38)  Shaun lamb (United Kingdom) on Fitness Expert at 26.Jul.2016 11:46pm

39)  Jeff (Ireland) on Fitness Expert at 25.Jul.2016 08:01pm

40)  Christian nelson (Chicago, United States) on Dietician at 25.Jul.2016 11:31am

41)  Lorraine Love (Tavares, United States) on Nutritionist at 16.Jul.2016 09:02pm

42)  Kay (Sioux City, United States) on Fitness Expert at 01.Jul.2016 07:35am

43)  David (Japan) on Fitness Expert at 30.Jun.2016 09:08pm

44)  Sophie Hartwell (United Kingdom) on Dietician at 27.Jun.2016 10:46pm

45)  Mark (Eugene, United States) on Fitness Expert at 19.Jun.2016 12:08am

46)  Aqeel Niaz (United Arab Emirates) on Fitness Expert at 15.Jun.2016 11:31am.

47)  Shishir (Bangladesh) on Fitness Expert at 13.Jun.2016 11:04pm

48)  Prince (Chantilly, United States) on Fitness Expert at 11.Jun.2016 12:35pm

49)  Debasish Adhikary (Bangladesh) on Dietician at 05.Jun.2016 07:07pm

50)  Raj (Bangladesh) on Nutritionist at 03.Jun.2016 10:17pm

51)  Trixcy Rose (Philippines) on Fitness Expert at 27.May.2016 05:38pm

52)  Nahum (Indianapolis, United States) on Fitness Expert at 23.May.2016 02:34am

53)  Brendan (Flushing, United States) on Fitness Expert at 18.May.2016 09:55pm.

54)  Veronica Mendoza (Philippines) on Fitness Expert at 16.May.2016 07:56pm

55)   Cheyanna (Parkersburg, United States) on Dietician at 14.May.2016 12:31am

56)  Albertina (United Kingdom) on Fitness Expert at 08.May.2016 05:41pm

57)  Hamza Zulfiqar (Saudi Arabia) on Fitness Expert at 07.May.2016 12:06am

58)  Malka (Bangladesh) on Dietician at 04.May.2016 07:58am

59)  Chen Su (Scarborough, Canada) on Fitness Expert at 03.May.2016 05:14am

60)   Kim lucas (Secaucus, United States) on Dietician at 03.May.2016 01:20am

61)   Harry Smith (United Kingdom) on Nutritionist at 01.May.2016 11:58am

62)   Auwal Ahmad (Nigeria) on Fitness Expert at 30.Apr.2016 10:51pm

63)  Hannah (Peace River, Canada) on General Practitioner at 29.Apr.2016 08:08am

64)  Alex (New Auburn, United States) on Nutritionist at 18.Apr.2016 07:34pm

65)  Aimal (South Africa) on Nutritionist at 15.Apr.2016 10:43am

66)  Aliowais786110 (Uganda) on Nutritionist at 12.Apr.2016 01:56am

67)  Matthew (United Kingdom) on Fitness Expert at 07.Apr.2016 04:28am

68)  Mubin (Dhaka, Bangladesh) on Nutritionist at 05.Apr.2016 12:51am

69)  Jayanth_US (Chicago, United States) on Nutritionist at 31.Mar.2016 10:52pm]

70)  Honey (Forest, United States) on Fitness Expert at 31.Mar.2016 08:17pm

71)  Roja Islam (Bangladesh) on Dietician at 29.Mar.2016 10:30pm

72)  Abdullah (Kabul, Afghanistan) on Fitness Expert at 25.Mar.2016 11:54am

73)  Robyn Thompson (United Kingdom) on Dietician at 23.Mar.2016 08:55pm

74)  Rafi (Bangladesh) on Fitness Expert at 22.Mar.2016 02:24p

75)  Hare (Zenica, Bosnia And Herzegovina) on Nutritionist at 20.Mar.2016 07:24am

76)  Rohan (Rancho Cordova, United States) on Nutritionist at 11.Mar.2016 02:30am –NRI

77)  S BHARATH NAGA CHANDRA  &  Bharath (Foshan, China) (Foshan, China) on Fitness Expert at 09.Mar.2016 01:29pm-NRI..

78)  Adam (Ireland) on Fitness Expert at 08.Mar.2016 10:36am

79)  Thilini (Sri Lanka) on Fitness Expert at 15.Feb.2016 10:11pm

80)   Nesreen nasir odeh (United Kingdom) on Fitness Expert at 15.Feb.2016 05:23pm

81)  Kira (Akron, United States) on Dietician at 03.Feb.2016 05:40am

82)  Lauren (United Kingdom) on Dietician at 27.Jan.2016 10:01am

83)  John (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) on Dietician at 26.Jan.2016 09:45pm

84)  Njha (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia) on Nutritionist at 25.Jan.2016 10:57am

85)  Shirisha (Japan) on Fitness Expert at 21.Jan.2016 09:19pm

86)  John (Painesville, United States) on Fitness Expert at 20.Jan.2016 01:56am

87)  Mandias (Tunisia) on Dietician at 14.Jan.2016 09:53am

88)Dario Caruana (Malta) on Fitness Expert at 12.Jan.2016 06:59pm


More To Update ….



Patients or persons who are from out of the Kolkata or practice cities / far away from clinics/chambers or located in other cities in any pocket India may ask for online consultations which are equally customized as well as well planned in the form of word/pdf (soft copies & printable). Therefore anyone who is seeking for Online Diet Consultation/Customized Diet Chart can email directly to get an immediate reply with diet plan > Or Call 8 am to 10 pm +91 99031 67873.    >                                                                                                                                               A Separate online form is also given below for quick fill-up<< 


Online Consultations for all  are welcome from all the below-mentioned states:


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