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Latest Publication: ' Impact of Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals (EDCs) Free Dietary Intervention among Hypothyroid Obese Women Living in the Metro City – A Case Study ' published in Conference Proceedings ( ISBN: 978-93-84389-22-2) ICEACBS-20 in association with Murray State University, Kentucky, USA, January,24-25,2020, Puducherry, India. 



1)   'Disease & Diet -A handbook on home-based dietary management': ISBN:978-1092857185

2)   'Psychological Disorders & Nutrition : A handbook on diet & nutrition for mental health': ISBN- 978-1794434042 

3)   'Human Unity & Malnutrition' - Unity for malnutrition: ISBN: 978-1386776499


Published Scientific & Research Works:  (In some National & International level ) 

1) (Published online) in 2014.
2)  - (Published online). Eating Disorder Information | Avoid Eating Disorder with Correct in 2015.  

3) Cactus: Information and Health Benefits – Literacy Base (published online) in 2015.

4) The Prickly Superfood: 6 Health Benefits Of Eating Cactus That You (published online - 2016)

5) “An Essay on Human Unity Towards Malnutrition in India” - Published by Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University supported by UNESCO  in 2015.

6)  “A study on analysis of polio vaccination in North 24 Parganas West Bengal” --  Oral Presentation & Abstract Published by  Swami Vivekananda  University – Madhya Pradesh in 4th International Conference (2016)  on “Challenges in Environmental Science & Technology” (DST-India).

7) " Diet For Stressful Life " published article (2 pages ) on New Year, 2017 special edition by Keya Seth's Adwitiya Magazine

8) “A study on Nutritional Status of School children & protein support by parents ” --  Oral Presentation & Abstract Published by  Swami Vivekananda University – Madhya Pradesh in 5th International Conference (2017) on “Challenges in Environmental Science & Technology” (INDIAN SCIENCE CONGRESS ASSOCIATION & MPC).

9) “Dietary supplements market in India is rapidly growing – An Overview” Institute of Management Study -Management Journal (ISSN- 0975-0800), Vol 10, January 2018. (Institute of Management Study- Journal).

10)  “Antiepileptogenic Effects Of Turmeric In Pre-Obese Epileptic Patient: A Case Study “ Oral Presentation & Abstract published by Midnapore City College in a two-day national seminar sponsored by SERB-DST.

11)  “The Whey Protein Market Is Growing Under The Influence Of Gym Centres In Kolkata –An Overview “  Oral Presentation with Abstract published by Indian Institute of Technology –VGSOM –Kharagpur in MDC-VRS, 2018. Presentation/web.

12) “Broiler Poultry Farming Is A Methodical Rural Business: A Case Study In Basirhat, West Bengal. Published in International Journal of Research in Management & Social Science, Volume 6, Issue -1 (X): January –March, 2018.-ISSN -2322 -0899 ( UGC Approved Journal -48996). Indexed: Index Copernicus, Thomson Reuters, UGC, SJIF- 6.44, ISI.

13) " A Study On Relationship Between Subclinical Hypothyroidism & Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Among Working Women In Kolkata "  - Oral Paper Presentation (PPT) & Abstract published in Souvenir jointly organized by Indian Society of Clinical Nutrition & Gastroenterology Research and Education Society -AIIMS -New Delhi. 

14)  " Important Role Of Private Manufacturing Companies To Supply Nutritious Foods As Per Consumers Changing Lifestyles, Buying Habits & Upcoming Trends" - Abstract published in Souvenir in 2nd International Conference with Electronic Poster presentation in National Institute of Nutrition – ICMR CENTENARY YEAR,  2018 at Hyderabad.

15) "A Study On Relationship Between Hypothyroidism And Obesity Among Middle-Aged Working Women With Dietary Intervention In Kolkata " - by presenting Oral Session & publication Abstract ( Peer Reviewed) in Souvenir -‘Young Scientist Award’ in community Nutrition in November 2018 at Golden Jubilee International Conference of Nutrition Society of India (NIN-ICMR) at Hyderabad.

16) "A Study On Obesity, Type -II Diabetes & Other Associated Comorbidities Among Females Workers Of Tea Garden In Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal" - Oral Presentation and Abstract publication in Souvenir with 3 days full-time participation in 8th International Science Conference organized by World Science Congress at Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

17) " Endocrine Disruptors and Impact of Nutritional Intervention on Hypothyroid Women - A Study in Kolkata " - Poster Presentation with 2 days full-time participation in 1st International Conference on 'Endocrine Disruptors Chemicals' organized by National Institute of Nutrition – presence of  Shri Venkaiah Naidu, the Hon'ble Vice President of India & endorsed by WHO & ICMR CENTENARY YEAR,  2018 at Hyderabad. Published abstract in Conference Proceedings ( at national importance level).

18)  "A Study on Relationship Between Hypothyroidism and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease among Obese Women in Kolkata Intervening with Diet " -  SJIF Impact Factor: 6.705; Volume: 3 | Issue: 10 | October | 2018. ISSN: 2455-7838 (Online). International Journal of Research and Development (IJRD). Indexed:  Publons  (Web of Science), ISI (1.241), SJIF: 6.260 ;  

19) "Study on Yoga Intervention along with Diet on Hypothyroidism Associated with Obesity among Sedentary Working Women in West Bengal": Published in International Journal of Yoga & Allied Sciences, ISSN- 2278-5159; Volume-8, Issue -1, January -June 2019. (A Bi-Annual Publication by Indian Association of Yoga, New Delhi). Indexed: Google Scholar, UGC till Dec 2018, RG, DOAJ, Hinari, Indian Science, Scribd.

20) E-Magazine publication- ( RNI No. WBENG/2015/61199 ).

21) Publication as a short communication: " Surge in demand for foreign exotic fruits" published by Times of India -Patna edition, 8th July 2019

22) 'Diet Tips' published in Times of India, newspaper both e-version & print in Patna edition on 17th October,19 on the occasion of World Food Day 16th October.

23)  Presented a research paper  'Implementation of Vegan Diet among Obese Hypothyroid Housewives Living in Metro Cities-A Review'.  Published Abstract in a SOUVENIR with E-ISBN 978-93-86675-55-2; organized by International Science Community Association.



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