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Published Scientific & Research Works:  (In some National & International level ) 


1)   (Published globally) in 2014.
2)  - (Published globally). Eating Disorder Information | Avoid Eating Disorder with Correct
. in 2015.

3) Cactus: Information and Health Benefits – Literacy Base (published globally) in 2015.

4) The Prickly Superfood: 6 Health Benefits Of Eating Cactus That You (published globally - 2016)

5) “An Essay on Human Unity Towards Malnutrition in India” - Published by Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University supported by UNESCO  in 2015.

6)  “A study on analysis of polio vaccination in North 24 Paraganas West Bengal” --  Oral Presentation & Abstract Published by  Swami Vivekananda  University – Madhya Pradesh in 4th International Conference (2016)  on “Challenges in Environmental Science & Technology” (DST-India).

​7) " Diet For Stressful Life " published article (2 pages ) on New Year , 2017 special edition by Keya Seth's Adwitiya Magazine

8) “A study on Nutritional Status of School children & protein support by parents ” --  Oral Presentation & Abstract Published by  Swami Vivekananda University – Madhya Pradesh in 5th International Conference (2017) on “Challenges in Environmental Science & Technology” (INDIAN SCIENCE CONGRESS ASSOCIATION & MPC).

9) “Dietary supplements market in India is rapidly growing – An Overview” Institute of Management Study -Management Journal (ISSN- 0975-0800), Vol 10, January 2018.

10)  “Antiepileptogenic Effects Of Turmeric In Pre-Obese Epileptic Patient :  A Case Study “ Oral Presentation & Abstract published by Midnapore City College in a two day national seminar sponsored by SERB-DST.

11)  “The Whey Protein Market Is Growing Under The Influence Of Gym Centres In Kolkata –An Overview “  Oral Presentation with Abstract published by Indian Institute Of Technology –VGSOM –Kharagpur in MDC-VRS, 2018. Presentation/web.

12) “Broiler Poultry Farming Is A Methodical Rural Business : A case Study In Basirhat, West Bengal. Published in International Journal of Research in Management & Social Science, Volume 6, Issue -1 (X): January –March, 2018.-ISSN -2322 -0899 ( UGC Approved Journal -48996). Impact factor- 3.42 indexed- Thomson Reuters.



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Http://, 14 April 2016,

2), 7 September 2016

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4)  , - Aug 31, 2016

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