Weight Management

  Weight Management Diet (A sample diet plan)

  Overweight to Normal for a vegetarian person, age around 30 years.

  Age – 26yr.,

  male, Height – 5.8 (173cm) & Present Weight – 82 kg.

  BMI – 27.42 (Range – 18.5-24.9),   Foods Habits – Vegan

  Should reduce weight 8-10 kgs gradually @ 2-3 kg /p.m safely.

  (Do not use any supplement)



Diagnosis – Overweight. DIET -  Low Fat Diet

  Recommended Energy – 1600kcal/day.

ADVICE mainly to follow;–

  1. No alcohol or smoking – max 2 pegs red wine if possible. But no smoking which is very harmful always.
  2. No Breakfast skipping but must /should have 3-50 gm plain Oatmeal or at least 2-4 cream cracker Biscuits.
  3. Instead of Coffee better to have Green tea which is really useful indirectly to reduce weight as said.
  4. Take /try to consume less rice but whole wheat 2-3 pcs phulkari roti, rice increase visceral fat for sedentary people like you.
  5. Do not take a banana, sweets, rich cream based all foods, try to add greens, more gourds vegetables, whole skins vegetables/fruits.
  6. No fast, junk, saturated, trans fat based foods or meals like pizza, burger, Biriyani all types, chowmin ,
  7.  STOP all kind of fried foods like street foods, even home based no fried foods, no fried vegetables even.
  8.  No cola products, no alcohol, smoking,
  9.  Sleep only 6-7 hours
  10. Exercises Outdoor & Indoor  (as mail) as more possible -2 -3 hours
  11. Without exercises or activities like walking  2-3 km daily, jogging, etc high efforts oriented - << NOTHING IS POSSIBLE –so be serious & start practicing.
  12. Be dynamic as possible, never be at a place for long time sitting, rather always movements oriented
  13. No red meat, butter, ghee , cheese, or NO oily or fried foods at all.
  14. Greens, vegetables, fruits as guided above are only helpful for you. No other to try.


Tentative Meal Plan in a Day.

Early Morning  6 am

300ml fresh water + ¼ lemon juice Start Yoga/Boy Poses plan .Eat 50gm Sprouts duly soaked at last night.

1-2 km walking & free hand, also some Indoor exercises.

Break Fast  7 am (Anyone alternatively)

  1. 2 pcs. Chapathi /Roti  + mix vegetables ,150ml milk.
  2. 3 pcs Brown Breads +  50gm Curd 15 mins, later milk.
  3. 3-4  pcs Momo preferably veg with soup
  4. Oat meals /Porridge/ Dalia-any 5.
  5. Dahi Chura 50gm


10. 30am - 

2 Pcs whole Fruits – 1 citrus +1 other type / sometimes salad/ Soup ,.

Lunch – 12 noon

30 Gm Rice or  2 pcs chapati  +1 serving mix vegetables + 1 Bowl Dal (any) + 1 serving soft low oil vegetables + 50 gm sour curd

In case of vegetarian, you can eat Plain Paneer/ Chana/Yogurts/

Mid Afternoon – 3 pm     

Fruits, Salad either by whole or dressings


Low-calorie snacks (pick from Breakfast meals) + Green Tea

Dinner – 9.30pm –  

2 pcs Roti + 2 servings of vegetables (1 plain mix & another sprout mixing )  + 1 serving of paneer/chana/ card (do  not repeat from other meals)    

Bed Time – 10 pm



(Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person)